screwed 3

holy-moly, we are finally here. the last installment of my “screwed” series. if you haven’t already, check out pt. 1 and pt. 2. have you guys enjoyed yourselves thus far? black neighbors, how are you doing with curbing your side-eyes? white neighbors, are you saying hello to the old black ladies with their 80-pound church hats?

i smell progress my friends!

contrary to popular belief, ebony and ivory can actually live in perfect harmony, but we must all be on the same page, even if we’re all on different lines. the first step in doing that is to find commonality. we’re all human (shocker!) and experience the same things, regardless of where we came from. race and class are man-made constructs. don’t let ‘the man’ convince you otherwise. i come from a black college-educated family with some money in the bank in philadelphia, but i see myself in alana from “here comes honey boo boo” fame every time i see her. if i can make parallels, so can you!

everyone, raise your right hand and say “i’ll try it”.

welp, looks like you just pledged to try things you never thought you would. black neighbors, take a break from the moscato for a second and try a craft beer. they are preeeeeetty delicious! white neighbors, there are a boatloads of soul food and west indian restaurants in your hood. try it out! on the topic of commonality, the rasta brothas were juicing before it became cool. save yourself a couple bucks and purchase your juice/smoothies from them. that’s buying local for real!

the next step is the hardest and the easiest at the same time…reach out to each other. brooklyn is full of artists that could benefit from expanding their community. the biggest takeaway from my meet up with erika is the power of simple communication. generalizations and assumptions are so 2013. get on trend and meet some new folks! drake is light-skinned aka unable to be trusted, so ignore him when he says “no new friends”. (free my n* 40!) black peeps, having white friends will teach you to throw caution to the wind and a reminder that all white people aren’t out to get us. white peeps, black friends are awesome to teach you about self-awareness/home-training and clapping on the 2-4.

in closing, i hope that this series expanded your thoughts in regards to gentrification. i made tons of jokes throughout, but the content was serious and i pray that everyone reading this will apply some of this to their personal lives. i am super bossy (sorry “lean-in” lady), but as much as i’m charging you guys with playing nice, i’m making sure that i am doing the same. we are all powerless in the changes that nyc is going through, but we do have control over how we respond. hopefully, we come out of this as a united front.

::clears throat and launches into “we are the world”::

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